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01.04.30 01:00 Mon.

hope ii.

There is something comforting about clouds. My favorite days are always the

overcast days. Everything seems so much more intimate, like nothing is

out of grasp. Though Iím not grasping for anything, it seems close; safe.

There is something relieving about opening my curtains to rain. In a way Iíve

always been grasping for that intimacy.

There is something introspective in waiting. Christians like to use the phrase

ďGod will never give you anything you canít handle.Ē This works both ways.

Sacrificing my sense of time is necessary to be prepared for any such blessing.

I have consistently proven I can make nothing on my own, so the sacrifice

isnít that much.

There is something restful in hope. After years of selfish doubt, itís a

matter of focus. Love is one of the greatest gifts He can give.

I have to trust this is a gift that He wants to give. All in time. The intimacy

is always there; I just need to look in the proper place.